How to Make a Bead in 85 Easy Steps

  written by: Valerie Hollis                        Without Frames




Polymer clay in assorted colors, work surface, sharp blade, pasta machine, needle tool, toothpick, sandpaper, soft cloth


What You Should Know...


Let's Begin!


Part I:  Combining Clay and Making Bull's Eye Plugs


Step 1

Begin by choosing what colors of clay you would like to use.  For this tutorial, I chose 2 parts yellow, 1 part white-pearl, 1 part silver, 1.5 parts turquoise, 1 part navy- blue, 0.5 parts light-pearl-blue.  These colors will be mixed to form 4 new colors.


Step 2

Condition clay thoroughly.  Combine colors to form the following:  light-yellow and dark-yellow, dark-blue and light-blue.  You can choose any color combinations you like - the idea is to have a light and dark shade of one color and a light and dark shade of another, contrasting color.



Step 3

Roll the light-yellow and the dark-blue through the thickest setting on the pasta machine (#1 on an Atlas).  Shape the dark-yellow and light-blue into logs.




Step 4

Wrap the the yellow log in the yellow sheet.  Smooth the seam.





Step 5

The result will be a simple bull's eye cane that looks like this.





Step 6

Roll the remaining yellow sheet through a medium setting on the pasta machine (#3 on an Atlas).





Step 7

Wrap the blue log with the the thinned yellow sheet.  Smooth the seam.





Step 8

Now there should be two bull's eye canes, some scrap yellow, and the dark-blue sheet.



Step 9

Wrap the yellow/yellow bull's eye cane in the blue sheet.





Step 10

Roll the remaining blue sheet through the pasta machine on a medium setting (#3 on an Atlas).




Step 11

Wrap the blue/yellow bull's eye cane in the thinned blue sheet.





Step 12

Now there should be a yellow/yellow/blue bull's eye cane, a blue/yellow/blue bull's eye cane, and some scraps.  (You will need the blue scraps later.)




Part II:  Making the Cane

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