Making A Flower Cane With Shaded Petals

Part II:  Finding the Center


Step 16

Once you've created the petals, determine how you would like the center of the flower to look.  You could make a cane for the center or choose something from your existing collection.  I started with the cane shown in the picture.  To see how I made this cane, please go to "Making A Shaded Jellyroll Cane."



Step 17

After trying it with my petals, I decided I wanted to have a softer, more intricate look for the center.  So, using a leftover portion of the same cane, I reduced and lengthened it, divided it into 7 equal sections, then recombined it as shown in the bottom right-hand corner of the picture.  Then I reduced, divided, and recombined it one more time, forming a Lace Cane.





Step 18

After dividing and recombining it twice, I decided to use this as my center.



Step 19

Here is a better view of the recombined cane.





~ Note:  These are the basic components of the flower cane.  The next thing to do is fill in the gaps between the petals.  You might choose to fill it in with a solid color or with translucent.  I am going to outline this flower with black.  I considered adding some leaf canes between some of the petals to give the flower more 'realism.'  However, in the end, I decided that it's grayscale shading called for a more abstract element.  The following steps demonstrate how I added a spiral between each petal.


Step 20

I am going to wrap the remainder of the original Shaded Jellyroll Cane in a thick, black outline.  To accomplish this, I've rolled out approximately  1 block (2 oz.) of black clay on a medium setting on the pasta machine (#3 on an Atlas).  This yielded enough clay for me to add this element, fill in the gaps between the elements and petals, and wrap the entire cane. 




Step 21

In this picture, I've placed the Shaded Jellyroll cane on a trimmed edge of the black sheet.





Step 22

Next, I've rolled it up until it doubled in size. 






Step 23

Reduce this until the usable portion is at least 9 inches in length.





Step 24

Cut six 1.5 inch sections.






Step 25

They should look like this.




Step 26

Pinch each section to form a teardrop / petal shape.



Step 27

They should look like this.





Step 28

Insert them between each petal as shown in this picture.







Part III:  Packing, Wrapping, and Reducing the Cane


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