Sunflower Plaque Tutorial Part I

                                written by:  Valerie Hollis




What You Will Need:

I used a number of different blends for this tutorial.  To learn how to make a Skinner Blend, please see my Skinner Blend Tutorials.  I used blends in the following colors:  Blue = Background; Green = Flower Stem and Leaves; Yellow = Petals; and Brown = Flower Center.  I also mixed a Black & White Blend in with the Blue Blend to form the cane for the Background, this is optional.


Pasta Machine, Sharp Blade, Work Surface, Acrylic Rod, Copier Paper, Ball Stylus, Toothbrush, Paintbrush


Lets Begin!

Step 1

These are the blends that I'll be working with.  Note that most of the blends shown here are partial blends, meaning that they are not fully blended to a smooth gradient.  I chose to use partial blends because I want the overall look of piece to have 'painted look.' 



Step 2

I'll be working with the brown blend first.





Step 3

Here, I've cut the blend into 1-inch strips.





Step 4

I've stacked the strips as shown in this picture.  I've staggered them out and back in again, keeping the dark side of the blend to the left, and the light side of the blend to the right.  Save the last strip for use in the next step.





Step 5

I rolled the last strip through the pasta machine on a thinner setting until it was as long as my stack.  Then, I placed it on top of the stack going in the opposite direction.  (Dark on light, light on dark.)




Step 6

Then I used my acrylic rod to smooth the stack and flatten it slightly.  Flip the stack and repeat on both sides.








Step 7

After smoothing and flattening, the stack now looks like this.




Step 8

Trim one end of the stack.  I decided I wanted the dark end to be the center, so I'm trimming the dark end of the stack.










Step 9

Begin rolling.







Step 10

Continue rolling to the other end.  Trim at an angle and smooth the seam.










Step 11

This is what my cane looks like.  I liked the way that this cane end looks, so I'm going to reduce it carefully so that I can minimize distortion of this end.











Step 12

I've reduced the cane from the center outwards into a barbell shape.








Step 13

This picture shows the reduced cane in the middle with the cane ends sitting on either side of it.  I'm going to use the cane end on the right as my Flower Center, so I'm going to bake it while working on the other elements of this project.






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