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~ How to Make a Bead in 85 Easy Steps ~

            - What You Should Know About Making Beads

        Part I:  Combining Clay and Making Bull's Eye Plugs

        Part II:  Making the Cane

        Part III:  Reducing and Recombining the Canes

        Part IV:  Making the Bead

        Part V:  Shaping, Baking, and Finishing the Bead


~ What To Do With Skinner Blends ~

     - How To Make A Graduated Skinner Blend

                             - Making A Shaded Jellyroll Cane

                  - How To Make A Shaded Plug

                             - Making A Cane With Shaded Plugs

                 - How To Make A Bull's Eye Plug

                              - Making A Cane With Bull's Eye Plugs

                              - Making a Leaf Cane

    - How To Make A Continuous Skinner Blend

                 - How To Make A Shaded Petal Plug

                                - Making A Flower Cane With Shaded Petals

                                                - What You Should Know About Flower Canes

                                        - Part I:  Forming The Petals

                                        - Part II:  Finding The Center

                                        - Part III:  Packing, Wrapping, and Reducing The Cane

    ~ What is the difference between a "Graduated" and "Continuous" Skinner Blend?

~ What Else To Do With Skinner Blends ~

                - What You Should Know About The Holographic Weave       

        Part I:  Making a Tri-Color Skinner Blend

        Part II:  Making the Plug

        Part III:  Making the Ikat Canes

        Part IV:  Reducing the Ikat Canes

        Part V:  Creating the Holographic Weave


~ How To Make a Manual Blend (without a pasta machine) ~

~ Celtic Knot Cane ~

        ~ What You Should Know About The Celtic Knot Cane

    Part I:  Creating an Outline

    Part II:  Forming the Knot

    Part III:  Reducing the Cane

~ Cube Cane ~

~ Sunflower Plaque Tutorial ~

    Part I:  Creating the Flower Center

    Part II:  Creating the Background Cane

    Part III:  Creating the Leaf Cane

    Part IV:  Creating the Petal Cane

    Part V:  Creating the Background and Flower Stem

    Part VII:  Creating the Flower & Finishing

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