What To Do With Skinner Blends

                                                written by:  Valerie Hollis                             Without Frames


A "Skinner Blend" is a term used to describe a blend of polymer clays created by using a technique introduced by Judith Skinner.  The technique has been heavily popularized and used by polymer clay artisans and hobbyists to bring shade, depth, intricacy, and realism to their designs. The following links provide demonstrations of some of the basic ways that Skinner Blends can be created and utilized.  I hope that you will find them to be educational and inspirational when deciding What To Do With Your Skinner Blends. 



Creating Blends:


        How To Make A Graduated  Skinner Blend






                    How To Make A Continuous Skinner Blend



                                                            ~ What is the difference between these two blends?

Creating Plugs With Blends:



       How To Make A Shaded Plug






                           How To Make A Shaded Petal Plug





                   How To Make A Bull's Eye Plug



Creating Canes With Blends And Plugs:



                Making A Shaded Jellyroll Cane





                          Making A Cane With Shaded Plugs





          Making A Flower Cane With Shaded Petals






                           Making A Cane With Bull's Eye Plugs






    Making A Leaf Cane





Advanced Techniques:

     What Else To Do With Skinner Blends

      Tri-Color Blend, Ikat Canes, and Holographic Weave






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